Pharmacy Wrap Up- CVS and Rite Aid Saturday 2/28

How did you all do at CVS and Rite Aid this week?

I was hoping to get some Viva Paper Towels at CVS but they were sold out. So- I got some Revlon makeup and also some Maybelline items. I need some foundation and have decided, in the name of being a Recessionista, to try out some drugstore brands. My regular brand is Paula Dorf- which I love, but, it will be a nice experiment. I will let you all know how it works in a review- coming soon.

Here is what I got at CVS. Rite Aid Follows.

1 Gilette Fusion Manual Razor $3.99 (note this was $7.99 generates $4.00 Extra Bucks but they were out of the Gilette Gamer and substituted Fusion for me this way)
1 Revlon Colorstay Mineral Eye Shadow $8.99
1 Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer $9.99
1 Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Foundation $12.99
1 Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer $12.99
1 Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse $9.49
1 Maybelline Shine Seduction Lipgloss $7.99

-$10/$50 purchase cvs coupon
-$3.99 Gilette Fusion razor (It was actually a $4.00 coupon they adjusted down)
-$2.00 any Maybelline foundation
-$1.00 Maybelline Shine Seduction Lipgloss
-$1.00 Revlon color item
-$2.00 Revlon color item
-$5.98 CVS Extra Bucks
-$4.99 CVS Extra Bucks
-$4.00 CVS Extra Bucks
Subtotal: $27.47
tax: $2.62
Total: $30.09
Extra Bucks Generated: $25.00 from the Revlon Purchases the Maybelline foundation purchase.

Net: $5.09

Here is how I did at Rite Aid
I had gotten some Garnier Fructis shampoo which I am using and liking so i ran in to get the Garnier Fructis Conditioner. I discovered a bunch of coupons thanks to Home Economista B (who had given me a stash of those she didn’t want as I have been too busy to do coupons recently) and the coupons made the Rite Aid deal even better than it would otherwise have been.

1 Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Conditioner $2.99
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 Soyjoy $0.50
1 5 Star Binder $19.49 (this is a nice one and I need one for coupons)
1 Reinforcements $2.49
1 Labels $2.49
– $2.00 coupon off 10 Soy Joy Bars
-0.50 From Coupon Stating Buy One Get One Free Soyjoy Bars
-0.50 From Coupon Stating Buy One Get One Free Soyjoy Bars
-0.50 From Coupon Stating Buy One Get One Free Soyjoy Bars
Total $27.96
Tax $1.92
Total $29.88
-10.00 Rite Aid Coupon (I got this one doing a Kimberly Clarke deal)
Balance Remaining $19.88
-$5.00 Rebate on Soy Joy Bars
-2.99 Rebate on Garnier Conditioner

Net $11.89


Where to Get Coupons in Hoboken

Coupons usually come out in the largest newspaper in the region on Sunday, except holidays. For the schedule of which coupon inserts come out each week for 2009, go here. The best place we have found to get coupons in Hoboken is in SATURDAY’s Jersey Journal, which has an advance copy of the coupons and only costs $.50 per paper. You can find it at the newspaper stand on 14th street off of Bloomfield Street (right next to Buzz Cuts).

Shopping Suggestions Saturday: Suggestions For the Upcoming Week

All shopping deals are good starting March 1 through March 7 except A&P which is good today through Monday March 2.


This week A&P is tripling all coupons with a value up to $0.99. A&P in both Hoboken and Jersey City do not accept internet printable coupons. Usually the maximum is 4 of the same coupon per purchase. Make sure to use the A&P club card to get the maximum sales.
America’s Choice butter 1.48 **with add’l $25 purchase
Cod or Tilapia 3.99/lb
Eggos — .75/qs — FREE
Colgate Plus Toothbrushes — .99 eac; use .40/q — FREE
4 FiberOne Pop Tarts — 1.50ea (must buy 4); use (4) .50/q — FREE
Nature’s Pride Bread — 2 for $4.00; use .55/q — .35 cents each
Kellogg Cereal (Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran Crunch, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops) — 2.50; use .70/q — .40 cents a box
Fiber One Antioxident — used .75/q — FREE
5lb potatoes or 3lb onions 1.68
Green Giant Steamers 3/$5 (.50/q from 1/4 ss- exp 2/28) — FREE
Pepperidge Farm swirl breads 2/$4 (peelies out there for 55 cents off any Pepp farm bread) — FREE
Pillsbury Savorings 3/$9 (12/7 ss 75 cent q) — .75 each
Chef Boyardee 99 cents (1/4 ss 35 cents/3 exp 2/28) — FREE
Frigo Cheesehead string cheese 2.99 (11/16 rp, 12/14 rp, 2/8 rp…various values)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights 3/$5 (2/8 gm 50 cents/1) — FREE

Source: Hot Coupon World (CocoB & Couponwhisperer)


Shoprite doubles all coupons up to $.99 value. Shoprite also accepts internet printable coupons.

The following deals Wed March 4 to Saturday March 7 only
lean ground beef, family pack 3lb+, $1.69/lb, lim 1 pkg
Eli’s Cheesecake, $4.99, lim 4
Chicken of the Sea solid white tuna 5oz can, $.88, lim 4/variety
Progresso Vegetable Classics soup, excludes Traditional, Light, Reduced Sodium, & Rich & Hearty, $.99, lim 4/variety (various coupons that may make these free)
Shoprite shredded cheese, $.99, lim 4/variety
Sunlight liquid dish detergent, $.77, lim 4/variety
Kodak batteries, 1ct 9v, 2ct C or D, 4ct AA or AAA, $.88, lim 4/variety

All week long deals:
Tree Ripe Orange Juice, $1.69 each, lim 4
red, green or black seedless grapes, $.99 lb, lim 5 lbs
Bryers ice cream, 14-16oz package, $1.99, lim 2


CVS accepts printable coupons. You must use your extra care card to get deals.

Free after extra care bucks
Act Total Care Trial Size $.99 get $.99 EB lim 1 — FREE
Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99 get $4.99 EB lim 1 — FREE
Slimquick Energy Shot 2 pack $4.99 Get $4.99 EB LIM 1 — FREE

Other deals
Gillette Fusion Gamer or Venus Razor $7.99 Get $4 eb lim 1
-$4 Gillette razor 2/8/09 P&G — FREE
Hershey candy bars 2/$1 -$1 off 2 Reese’s Whipps Bars, Any 1.9 Oz. + 01-04-09 SS — FREE
CoverGirl Cosmetics Buy $15, Get $5 eb lim 1 (coupons for $1 off)
Get $5 eb wyb $20 of the following lim 1
-Pampers Jumbos pk or easy ups $10 ($1 Pampers Diapers or Pants $1 P&G 2/8/09)
-Playskool diapers mega pk $11
-Q-Tips 500-625 ct or vanity pk 285 ct $3 ($.30 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Product, any 170 ct+ V 1/18/09)
-pampers wipes 64-77 ct 2/$5
-Playskool cottony cloths 80 ct 2/$5 ($2 off Playskool wipes (exp 03/01/09)
-playtex baby accessories $5
-johnson’s baby powder, lotion, etc. $3
-desitin original $3
L’Oreal Get $5 eb wyb $20 of the following lim 4
-L’Oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer $11.99 (various coupon raning from $1 off to $2 off)
– L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift $11.99 (various coupons ranging from $1 off to $3 off)
-L’Oreal Sublime Bronze or Glow $6.99 ($3 or $2 coupons)
-L’Oreal Skin Genesis, Revitalift, or Age Perfect Cleansers $5.99 ($1 to $3 coupons)
-L’Oreal Color Rich Lip or Voluminous/Telescoping Mascara $5 ($2 or $3 coupons)
-L’Oreal Bare Naturale Foundation $10 ($2 or $3 coupons)
-L’Oreal Everpure reg. retail ($2 coupon)
-L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, Infallible or True Match Mascara $7 ($2 or $3 coupons)
Lumene Buy $20, Get $5 EBs lim 1 ($4 Lumene premium beauty product, any)
Metamucil or Fibercaps $9.99 Get $2 eb lim 5 ($1 Metamucil or Fibersure P&G 2/8/09)
Get $7 eb wyb $15 of the following lim 1
-Nestle/Wonka Theatre Box Candy $1
-Nestle Singles $1/2
-Nestle 8 Packs $5/2
-Edy’s Dibs or Drumsticks $6/2
-Nestle Giant Bars $5/4
-Wonka Mix Up Gussett $5
Neutrogena 14 Day Skin Rescue, Get $4 eb LIMIT 1
reg. retail



Rite Aid does not accept printable coupons
These items are free after rebate (save receipt, logon to website and enter receipt data, at the end of the month request your rebate, you will receive a check in the mail in about 3 weeks)

Snore Stop Fast Tabs or Nasal Spray, 8.99 –FREE after rebate
Snore Stop Extinguisher, $12.99 — FREE after rebate
Soothe Eye Drops, $7.99, coupon for $3 off — $3 PROFIT AFTER REBATE
Sinus Buster, $8.99 — FREE after rebate
Ocean Nasal Rinse, $8.99 — FREE after rebate

Source: hotcouponworld cmricha 2

Effortless Entertaining: Lasagna

One thing you can do with the Slow Cooker Italian Tomato Sauce is make two trays of lasagna.  Lasagna is one of those dishes that my Italian mother in law says is a lot of work to make. But I have figured out how to make lasagna preparation super easy.  One large tray will serve 12 persons. Since the slow cooker sauce makes enough sauce for two trays of lasagna, I make two trays- one plain and one with sausage and then freeze any leftovers for my family to defrost and eat another time.

Ingredients and Equipment for two trays of Lasagna:
2 trays to cook and store lasagna in (I have two pyrex glass 9×13 inche trays that came with a cover)
Ladel or large serving spoon
Offset spatula (optional. Substitue a regular spatula or knife. However, this is very handy for spreading the ricotta and makes the job go much easier)
Italian Tomato Sauce- cooled
Sausage from Italian Tomato Sauce- cut up into small rounds
1 48oz container Part Skim Ricotta Cheese (I use Polly-O)
2 16oz blocks of Part Skim Mozarella Cheese (I use Polly-O and I shred with the food processor myself)
1 1/2lb block of Parmesan Cheese (I shred with the food processor myself)
2 Eggs
3/4 tsp dried Basil (or more to taste)
3/4 tsp dried Majoram (or more to taste. I prefer to use Majoram instead of Oregano but Oregano works equally well)
1 10oz package frozen Spinach (cooked in microwave, squeezed when cool to wring out water and then chopped. This is optional)
2 packages No Bake Lasagna Noodles (Note- you will need 9 sheets of pasta per tray or 18 total… you will have some left over in the second package)

1. In medium bowl mix eggs, ricotta, basil and majoram together. (Add chopped cooked spinach if desired and mix to incorporate. This is optional)
2. Ladel a small bit of sauce on the bottom of the trays (just enough to cover the bottom). Lay 3 sheets of lasagna on top of sauce.
2. Spoon out 1/2 of the ricotta mixture (dividing evenly between the two trays) and spread across the noodles and to the edges of the tray using an offset spatula or knife.
3. Spread 1/2 of the sausage on top (I usually make one tray with sausage only and the other tray plain- so I do not divide the sausage evenly between the trays). Sprinkle 1/3 of the shredded mozarella and 1/3 of the shredded parmesan on top of mozarella (dividing evenly between the two trays).
3. Ladel 1/3 of the sauce over the cheese mixture (dividing evenly between the two trays)and spread with offset spatula or knife to edge of tray.
4. Place 3 lasagna noodles on top of sauce (3 noodles per tray).
5. Spoon out the other 1/2 of the ricotta mixture (dividing evenly between the two trays) and spread across the noodles and to the edges of the tray using an offset spatula or knife.
6. Spread the remaining 1/2 of the sausage on top (if you are making one tray with sausage only and the other tray plain, like I do- do not divide the sausage evenly between the trays). Sprinkle 1/3 of the shredded mozarella and 1/3 of the shredded parmesan on top of mozarella (dividing evenly between the two trays).
7. Ladel the second 1/3 of the sauce over the cheese mixture (dividing evenly between the two trays)and spread with offset spatula or knife to edge of tray.
8. Place 3 lasagna noodles on top of sauce (3 noodles per tray).
9. Ladel the last 1/3 of the sauce over the noodles (dividing evenly between the two trays). Wipe the offset spatula or knife clean to make sure that there is no ricotta cheese on it. Sread sauce with offset spatula or knife to edge of tray.
9. Sprinkle last 1/3 of the shredded mozarella and 1/3 of the shredded parmesan on top of mozarella (dividing evenly between the two trays).

Cooking Instructions
Preaheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover with aluminum foil and cook on middle rack for 40 minutes. Remove foil. Cook for an additional 10 -15 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit for 10-15 minutes to set lasagna.

Serve with a tossed salad and some red wine and get to enjoy your guests as you won’t be stuck in the kitchen with this easy crowd pleaser.

CVS- Decent Price on Viva Paper Towels and Revlon Makeup

If you are running low on paper towels – (like I am) you might want to go to CVS before Sunday.  (Grocery Game– when are you going to come through for me with the rock bottom price on paper towels?) Through Saturday Feb 28, Viva paper towels 8pk is on sale for $7.49 generating $2.00 Extra Bucks.  So- after Extra Bucks you pay $5.49.  This offer has a limit of 3 and there are no rainchecks.

Also- if you like Revlon makeup, if you spend $20 you get $10 Extra Bucks. This is a limit of 2 per household with card.

Real Mom Review – Seaport Ice Skating


We are big ice skating fans as this is one of the cheapest and best outdoor activities you can do with kids in the winter, especially if you own your skates. The ice skating rink at Southstreet Seaport just opened up this year and is open daily from noon on. It is a small temporary rink on pier 17, surrounded by all of the old boats. The format/setting is similar to the temporary rink at Bryant Park but this rink is smaller and more narrow. There are two tents, one to buy tickets in and rent skates, and one warming tent right off the rink. Afternoons the rink is pretty empty with only a dozen or so young kids skating so it doesn’t really matter if the kids go in the wrong direction or goof around on the ice.

One of the best parts about this ice skating rink is the view from Southstreet Seaport and the view getting there via ferry. There is a direct ferry from Hoboken South to Pier 11 and the ferry goes right past the Statue of Liberty and around the tip of Manhattan, giving you the best view of Manhattan. Once you get off the ferry, there are no streets to cross to get to the ice rink, which is about 2-3 blocks north of the ferry launch.

Bang for your Buck: fair. $5 admission and $7 skate rentals. The ferry ride makes it more than I would probably want to pay to go ice skating, but the ferry ride is part of the whole reason you would go.
Best transit route: Ferry from Downtown Hoboken to Pier 11/Wall Street runs about every 15 minutes weekdays only. Ferry is free for kids under age 6 and $6 per direction for adults. The ferry ride is part of the perk of going to this rink!
Stroller friendly: if you take the ferry here, there are no stairs and the trip is 100% stroller friendly. Unfortunately, if your child is still in a stroller, chances are that they may not be ice skating yet.
Rainy day recommended: no, open air rink

Potty situation: The bathroom is located on the second floor inside the mall, which means you have to take everyone’s skates off to go there. Make sure kids go before you put skates on.

Snack friendly: you can snack in the main tent and the mall is right next door if you need ice cream or fried shrimp. You can also have a snack on the ferry, which has tables.
Hyper-child friendly: thumbs up! kids get to get all that energy out on the ice
Child-friendly staff: not really – typical New Yorkers, but they are fanatical about safety
Estimate of time killed:
a good hour and a half
Nap factor: excellent!

Real Mom Review- Rubin Museum


Located on 17th Street between 6th and 7th (closer to 7th), the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art offers some interesting art (Indian and Tibetan sculptures of gods with multiple eyes and arms that kids like to count, intricate tapestries and weavings with mirrors woven in them) with a kid-friendly spin.  The museum has a kids studio in the basement and a staff of friendly teachers that offer classes during the week that incorporate music, dance, and of course arts and crafts.  The kids studio also has books, toys, and dress up so younger siblings can play while the older ones do crafts.  The studio is open 11am to 5pm on Fridays and classes/storytime are offered during the day for kids 3 to 5 on Mondays (3pm-5pm), Thursday (10am-12pm), and Friday (11am-12pm).  Weekends the museum has workshops on Saturdays at 2pm (this weekend they explore hats in the museum and then the kids get to make their own hat).  If the studio is not open, you can always borrow a Yak Pak from the front desk for the kids.  The Yak Pak is a bag filled with pencils, workbooks, laminated activity sheets (and art hunts), and small toys.  Finally, on the 4th floor where the textiles are, there is a felt board where kids can make patterns and pictures using bits of colored felt.  There is plenty of kid entertainment and maybe mom can get a bit of culture in too on the side!

Bang for your Buck: thumbs up, $10 per adult, children get in free and their are free crafts and activities.
Best transit route: a couple blocks off Path at 14th street
Stroller friendly: stairs at 14th street path, but stroller parking is available and most people park their stroller in the kids studio
Rainy day recommended: excellent rainy day option
Potty situation: nice roomy bathroom on the same floor as the studio
Snack friendly: the museum has a cafe inside, but on 18th street between 5th and 6th there is City Bakery and the Cupcake Cafe/Books of Wonder which is a great place for a kids snack
Hyper-child friendly: thumbs down – unless you are in the kids studio, kids can’t climb on exhibits or touch walls. There is a railing that kids can fall through so watch out.
Child-friendly staff: the staff is sweet and remembers faces!
Estimate of time killed:
a good hour and a half
Nap factor: medium – not a lot of physical activity, but a lot of artistic stimulation.  Potential for melt-downs on the way home if you go late afternoon