Tipster Tuesday: Fool the Kids on April Fool’s

We’ve found some really fun ways to fool the kids on April 1 and you can still pull them off in time for tomorrow:

1) Martha Stewart’s shrunken breakfast. You can get the quail’s eggs at Super Chicken of Hoboken at 4th and Harrison.

2) How about cake for dinner… Meatloaf cake! I’m thinking of altering the recipe a bit and making meatloaf cupcakes instead.

3) Fool them at lunch time by making a banana hot dog. Put peanut butter and jelly in a ziplock bag and cut off a bit of the corner to get the fake ketchup and mustard look.

4) Serve up deceptive jello drinks instead of juice. Add a straw for a special touch. Will they notice?

Do you have anything planned for April Fools?  If so, we’d love to hear about your plans!


Kiddy Kalendar March 30-April 3

Here are our recommendations for things to do this week, for under $10 a child.


Head over to the NY Public Library at 42nd and 6th avenue for children’s storytime at 4pm. The Carousel in Bryant Park is under construction this week, but you can always stop by Toys R Us in Times Square to try out some toys and see the T-Rex.


Head on over to Karma Kids for a community yoga class for kids ages 4 to 7 from 4:30 to 5:15. The community class is taught my yoga teachers in training and is just $10 per just, drop in. Karma Kids is located at 104 W 14th Street between 6th and 7th avenue, right near the 14th street path station.


April Fools Day! If the weather is nice, take the Hoboken uptown ferry to 38th street. From there you can take the ferry bus to Chelsea Piers and visit one of the coolest playgrounds in town, just north of the sports center, set back from the water. Of if your kids are good walkers, walk there from the ferry and you can watch all the helicopters take off from the heliport just south of the ferry station.


Head out to the Hudson Branch Library for their 3:30pm session of Kids Music that Rocks. There will be music and stories and the kids can play with the toys, slides, rocking horses, and books in this very kid friendly space. If the weather is nice, there is a playground right outside the library and plenty of tempting cafes to pick up a snack on the walk to/from path. The library is at 66 Leroy Street right near the Christopher Street Path station.


Spend the afternoon in Union Square. At 4pm the Barnes and Noble has an author event with Todd Parr and his book, The Peace Book. You can browse the market and taste all the vendor’s samples. And don’t forget to visit the pet store, where you can see lizards, snakes, fish, chinchillas, and the kitties that are up for adoption.

Real Mom Review: Florham Park Roller Skating Rink

roller_skate_1_bgFeeling nostalgia for the 70s? Take the kids to a roller skating rink for some retro fun. Florham Park Roller Rink has plenty of those old fashioned heavy non-inline roller skates that you can rent. Then take a whirl around the roller rink to some lively music. If you don’t know how to roller skate, there are drop in lessons on Saturday mornings at 10am.

Bang for your Buck: thumbs up! Saturday morning lessons are $8 per person for 50 minutes and include skate rentals. Open skate schedule is available here and is mostly weekends in two hour blocks. Admission is $6.50 plus $3.50 for skate rentals.
Best transit route: Take the car. It is about 30 minutes from Hoboken.
Stroller friendly: no
Rainy day recommended: thumbs up
Potty situation: bathrooms on location
Snack friendly: cheap greasy food is available and there is seating, no outside food allowed
Hyper-child friendly: thumbs up!
Child-friendly staff: yes
Estimate of time killed: about 1-1.5 hours
Nap factor: excellent

Kiddy Kalendar- New Posting Schedule

The weekly edition of the Kiddy Kalendar will now be posted on Monday instead of on Sunday.

Menu Sunday

Our suggestions for what to eat during the week- based on sales in the weekly circulars.  For more information on sales this week see our posts on ShopRite and A&P.

Monday:  Pan Fried Flounder with Rice and a Vegetable
Dip flounder in egg and cover with bread crumbs. Pan fry in butter. Flounder is on sale at A&P for $3.99lb through Monday. Serve with rice and veggies of your choice. Carolina Rice is on sale at A&P- $0.99 but Free after coupon. Some varieties of Green Giant frozen boxed veggies are on sale at A&P 5/$5.
(Or) if you are in the mood for something a little more adventurous- you can make the rice in chicken broth College Inn broth is on sale at A&P for $0.75 per can and add some veggies to the rice with a little chopped onion.  Cook the onion in a pan until translucent then add to the rice.

Tuesday: Baked Ham with Sweet Potatoes (or Candied Sweet Potatoes) and a Vegetable
America’s Choice Spiral Sliced Honey or Brown Sugar Ham is on sale for $1.37 lb. at A&P through Monday. Bake it in the oven with some sweet potatoes and a veggie and you have an easy meal with extra for leftovers to freeze or serve later in the week. A&P has assorted frozen veggies on sale this week and at ShopRite BirdsEye Steam Fresh 4 pack corn cobs or 10-12oz package any variety vegetables are on sale for $0.99 or $0.66 after coupon.
(or) For something a little more decadent, serve your ham with candied sweet potatoes. Peel potatoes and cut into medium size cubes. Toss into a frying pan with butter and add brown sugar towards the end when potatoes are cooked through.

Wednesday: Grilled Lamb Burgers with Tomatoes and Cucumber in Yogurt
Ground meat is on sale 50% off at A&P this week (including lamb). Mix 1-1/2lb ground lamb with1 diced onion 2 cloves of chopped garlic, 3 shots of Worstechire sauce, and salt and pepper to taste (I usually use 1/2tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper). Cook in a grill pan or broil in oven until cooked through. While cooking dice one large tomato and a small cucumber and mix with plain lowfat yogurt of your choice. Add salt and pepper to taste and a bit of dill.

Thursday: Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and a Salad
Perdue Oven Stuffer Roasters are on sale at ShopRite for $0.99lb this week. Rub a little olive oil over chicken and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake in oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Reduce oven to 400 degrees and cook until done. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy. To make a quick pan gravy- discard some of the fat from the roasting pan (leave about1-2 Tablespoons). Over medium high heat, add 1 can of chicken broth (College Inn broth is on sale at A&P for $0.75 per can) and bring to a boil while stirring to get the browned bits up from the bottom of the pan. If you are going to have a glass of wine with dinner, you might want to add a bit of this wine to the sauce with the stock (say 1/3 cup) but it is not necessary. Cook until sauce is slightly reduced and thickened- and add salt and pepper to taste. (NOTE- you will have extra chicken left over. Save some to shred for tomorrow’s recipee and save the chicken carcas- put into a ziplock bag and shove in the freezer as this can be used to make a nice soup- (I have an idea for a new posting already)  I’m planning on picking up some lettuce at a green grocer on Washington Street to make a salad as a side but you can make a frozen veggie as well.  

Friday: Pasta with Roasted Red Peppers, Pignoli Nuts, Raisins and Shredded Chicken in a Balsamic Vinegar and Oil Sauce
Ronzoni pasta is on sale at A&P this week for $0.69. Cook pasta- while cooking open a jar of roasted red peppers and pulse in the food processor. Do not throw away any oil in the jar- reserve for later. Chop up some pignoli nuts to make them a little smaller. Chop up some fresh parlsley- or some frozen spinach (cook first then squeeze out the water and chop). Shred some chicken from last night’s roasted chicken (the idea is to use the pieces that were small and on the bone) When pasta is done, mix in large bowl with red pepper puree, pignoli nuts, raisins and chopped spinach or parsley and shredded chicken. Add oil from jar roasted red peppers came in and some balsamic vinegar (you can use white balsamic vinegar which is a little more delicate or the regular red type). Mix togeter. Add olive oil if more oil is needed.

Saturday: Pulled Pork
I’m defrosting mine.  When I make stuff in the slow cooker I make more to store so I can skip a night of cooking every once in a while. To get the recipe click here.

Sunday: Lasagna
I’m defrosting mine.  I have a tray from last time I made lasagna ready to go.  However, this would be a good week to make two lasagnas (one to eat and one to freeze for later) as some key ingredients are on sale at ShopRite. To get recipe click here. Ronzoni Oven Ready Lasagna is on sale this week at ShopRite for $0.99 as is Sorrento Mozarella which is on sale for $1.98 or $0.98 after coupon.

A&P: 3/27-4/2/09

Here are some suggestions for items we think are good buys at A&P this week.

4 DAYS ONLY- FRIDAY 3/27-Monday 4/2

VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz. Assorted Varieties. $0.69 (limit 4)

Scott 12 Pack Bath Tissue 5280 – 12000 ct. (or) Cottonelle 12 Roll Bath Tissue (2400-3696 ct.) $5.99 (limit 2) (Additional purchase of $25 required) $4.99 for Cottonelle after coupon
-$0.50 from 3/15/09 Sunday Post (SS) for Cottonelle (doubles to -$1.00)

Entenmann’s Full Line Sale Assorted Varieties, 5.6-26.5 oz. (excluding cereal bars) $1.99 (limit 2) (Additional purchase of $25 required)

Red Delicious, McIntosh or Empire Apples 3 lb. Bag $1.88


Carolina Rice 16oz. $0.99 FREE after coupon.
-$0.50 coupon from 02/28/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (RP). doubled to $1.00
*If you have the coupon and don’t like this rice, why not buy it and donate it.

Coca-Cola 12 Pack Fridge Pack 4/$11.00

Ronzoni Pasta Assorted Varieties 12-16oz $0.69. We feel this is a stock up opportunity!

Sorrento Mozzarella Cheese 16 oz. Assorted Varieties $1.88 $0.88 after coupon.
-$1.00 coupon from 03/21/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (SS)

Duncan Hines Cake Mix 17.5-18.3 oz. Assorted Varieties $0.99 After Coupon $0.66 per box (must buy 3)
-$1.00 coupon from 03/28/09 Jersey Journal (SS) Must Buy 3.
Note this is also on sale at ShopRite for the same price this week.

Duncan Hines Frostings (16 oz.), 3/$5 (or $1.67 each)

College Inn Broth 14.5 oz. Assorted Varieties 4 for $3 (or $0.75 each)

Dannon Activia 4 Pack or DanActive 12.4-16 oz. Assorted Varieties 2 for $4. $1.00 after coupon
-$1.00 coupon from 2/28/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (SS) Activia
-$1.00 coupon from 3/1/09 Sunday Post (SS) Activia
-$1.00 coupon from 2/28/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (SS) DanActive
-$1.00 coupon from 3/1/09 Sunday Post (SS) DanActive

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice Assorted Varieties, 48-64 oz. 2 for $6. You can find it every once in a while for 2/$5 but if you are running low this is not a bad price. ShopRite has it at slightly less this week 2/$5.98 click here to see other deals at ShopRite this week.  ShopRite has a good price for a different orange juice brand this week though.

YoCrunch Yogurt 100 Calorie Multipacks Assorted Varieties, 15 oz. 2 for $5. $1.00 after coupon.
-$0.75 coupon from 3/7/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (SS). Gets Doubled to -$1.50

Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables Assorted Varieties, 5.25-10 oz. 5 for $5

Huggies Jumbo Pack Pull-Ups Training Pants 21-29 ct $9.49. $7.99 after coupon. $7.24 after additional rebate from Caregivers Marketplace.
-$1.50 2/28/09 Saturday Jersey Journal (SS)
Go to Caregivers Marketplace and get $0.75 back for each package of Huggies diapers purchased. Click here to find out how it works.

Rite Aid: 3/29-4/4/09

Here are our suggestions for good deals at Rite Aid this week.

Magnum Razor 5 blade $4.99. Single Check Rebate $4.99. (limit 1)
Free after Single Check Rebate