Coupon Database Has Been Updated With Coupons Through Today- 3/15/09

Please go to the coupon database (the link is on the right hand side of this blog)- or click here, it has been updated to include coupons from this Saturday’s Jersey Journal and Sunday’s NY Post. See this post here for info on the coupon database and for ideas on using and keeping your coupons.

Please note that the coupon database will not be updated next week (March 21 and 22). Those coupons will be updated when the database is updated for the following week (by Monday March 30).

Thank you.


Coupon Database Updated

The coupon database has been updated to reflect the coupons in this Sunday’s NY Post.  There was one insert from Smart Source.  This paper has some coupons for some items at CVS we recommended as being a good buy so check out the updated CVS recommendations for some additional coupon matchups.

Coupon Database Updated

Don’t forget to check the coupon database if you are going to go shopping today – link on the right of this page.  We have updated it to reflect the coupons in today’s Jersey Journal.

Please note- we will not be putting items that you can’t get in a grocery store or in a pharmacy in the coupon database (for instance, those Carvel coupons from last week or Olive Garden coupons etc.)

Thrifty Thursday – Mommy Break on a Budget

images-21Being on a budget often means that you never get a break from the kids, or if you do, you don’t know what to do with yourself! If you can get your husband or a friend to watch your kids for an hour, why not take a yoga class to decompress? Devotion Yoga has $5 hour long community classes given by yoga teachers in training. Tuesdays 5pm-6pm and Fridays 7pm to 8pm at their downtown location. See Devotion Yoga for more details.