Thrifty Thursday Tip: Caregivers Marketplace

Want to save more money on items you have already purchased? Save your receipts and go to The Caregivers Marketplace.

The Caregivers Marketplace will pay you when you purchase certain items, including:  Huggies diapers (includes Pull Ups, Little Swimmers and GoodNites), Balmex, Nature Made vitamins and herbs, Icy Hot, and Ensure products.  Huggies diapers, for instance, earn $0.75 per item and Balmex earns $1.00 per item.

The Caregivers Marketplace requires you to register, but once you have a registration number you can fill out a form, send in your receipts and get money back for the qualifying items you have purchased.

 I started using Caregivers Marketplace last year and have had no problems receiving any checks back.

Make sure you follow the directions completely- ie circle the date on your original register receipt, circle the qualifying item and make sure you meet any other requirements (ie you have to wait until you have five items to send away for a check).


p.s. at CVS Huggies Diapers are on sale until Saturday.  See CVS Shopping Suggestions Post from this past Saturday.