Tipster Tuesday: Cleaning the Bathroom

One thing that some of you may be doing in this recession is cutting back on your cleaning service.   It’s not mentioned in this article on, Thrift-conscious say goodbye to cars, cell phones, other luxuries but, what used to be seen as an essential, might now be seen as a luxury.  If you are deciding to do some DIY in the home cleaning department, here are some tips to help you boost your efficiency cleaning the toughest room- the bathroom.

1) Cleaning Bathrooms – Time Management:
One of our biggest inspirations when it comes to cleaning your home is Flylady. Her advice is that instead of cleaning the whole house in one day (because who has the time for that, especially when you have kids!), just do 15 minutes once or twice a day in different areas of the house. We’ve found a good time to do the 15 minutes in the bathroom is when you are stuck there watching/helping the kids take a bath. While they wallow in the tub, clean the toilet, wipe down the sink and mirrors and surfaces. After their bath, take their used towels to clean the wet floor and then put everything in the washing machine. If you do a little bit each time they take a bath, your bathroom will always be presentable.

2) Cleaning Bathrooms – Shortcuts:
Spray the shower and sink and toilet with product and let it sit for a while. Allow the product to do some of the work, before you start scrubbing. I usually do not mix smells- so I don’t pass out- so I may clean the inside of the toilet last after the smell of the shower cleaner has dissipated. Keep a brush in the shower and before you turn the shower off, just brush with some warm water. A few seconds of work will make it much easier when you have to do your big cleaning.

3) Cleaning Bathrooms – Techniques:
When you clean think top to bottom.  Really- this works. Remember to clean mirrors in the bathroom and the sink before you start to clean the floor as you may get drips. Don’t vacuum then decide to dust. Dust first!!