Tipster Tuesday: What to Do When It Rains Every Day During Your Beach Vacation

When you plan a beach vacation with children, you hope and pray that every day will be a perfect beach day.  However, what do you do when mother nature doesn’t cooperate?

Plan Ahead- Bring a List From Home With a Few Places to Explore:
We like to hit the internet before we go away. Once you get to your destination, it may be difficult to get on the internet.

Talk to People at Your Destination:
We discovered some wonderful places to go in Boca Raton when we went to the farmers market.  The people there were very friendly, and were more than happy to help us (er take pity on us) and help us find a way to entertain our brood. 

Go to a Museum and Pick up Pamphlets There:
Sometimes all it takes is finding one place geared for children to find other places geared for children. For instance, when we went to the Boca Raton Children’s Museum, they had a booklet put out by the Palm Beach Cultural Center with a list of activities for kids in March and April. This Calendar had an index in the back which I found to be the best resource. The index tipped me off to some places to investigate further, like: the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, the Palm Beach Zoo and South Florida Science Museum.

We have included the following review just in case you find yourself in the Boca Raton area.

Imagine That! Boca Raton Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum for children that is housed in one of the oldest homes of Boca Raton (circa 1912).  Make a homemade doll (kids used to make their own) from a handkerchief, styrofoam ball and ribbons, and then decorate your doll with markers.  Move onto the next room and examine a miniature doll house made to look like the house you are in. Although one side is covered with plastic panels and is just for looking, the other side is open and ready to be explored.  After exploring the doll house, you may have an opportunity to do another craft.  In honor of St. Patricks day, we made paper flowers with pieces of green tissue paper and a pipe cleaner.  Next, check out the lovely grocery store.  One child can go shopping, while the other acts as the clerk and rings up all the items and bags them.  When your children bore of this (it will be a while) take them to the bank next door complete with vault and teller booth.  They will enjoy pretending to be tellers and, can learn about money and also open up a safe deposit box in the vault.  There is also an area with dress up materials and an area with some musical instruments. If it isn’t raining, let the kids play on the large wooden boat outside the museum and run around the fort. 
Bang for your Buck: Thumbs up! $3.00 per person.
Location: 498 Crawford Boulevard Boca Raton, Florida 33432. Phone: 561-368-3752. 
Rainy Day Recommendation: yes.