Saving Money


Coupon Tutorial (General Info on Using Coupons)
It’s not just about using coupons when you get them, but waiting until the items you use go on sale and then using the coupon to make the price even better. Interested in finding out how to mazimize your savings with coupons?  Click on  Saving Money at the Grocery Store. But how do you keep yourself from being inundated with papers and coupons while you are waiting for that perfect sale and how do you then find the coupon you need when you are using such a strategy?

Keep Track of Your Coupons with a Coupon Binder and Use Our Coupon Database to Track Them Click here to find out how this system works.  The coupon database is provided as a link on this blog.  The coupons are listed alphabetically by brand, by coupon amount and by expiration date.  Before you go shopping, go to the database, push Control + Alt and enter the name of the item you are looking for in the box that pops up.  Or, just scan the list by eye.  We recommend downloading the database to an Excel spreadsheet on your computer to speed up searches.

How to Get Lots Of Free/Cheap Things at CVS
Although most grocery stores will double your coupons (generally anything below a dollar gets doubled) and this can lead to great savings, we love CVS for it’s Extra Bucks program and find that we get ton’s of free things at CVS and can even generate a profit on some items by using coupons. We first fell in love with CVS when we discovered we could routinely get items like toothpaste there for free. Now we realize that we can do much much more.  To find out how to stretch your dollars by shopping at CVS see below:
Why I Love CVS- Part 1
Why I Love CVS- Part 2


Why You Should Track Your Spending and Create a Budget
Why You Should Be Tracking Your Spending
Why You Should Be Tracking Your Spending Part 2

 How to use the Track Your Spending Spreadsheet
Why You Should Be Tracking Your Spending Part 2 tells you how to use the spreadsheet we have provided as a link on this blog.  We have also provided a link to a Sample Spreadsheet that has been partially filled in.


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