Real Mom Review: Watchung Stables

Watchung stables in Mountainside houses over 50 horses and offers nearly everything horse related: boarding, lessons, boy scout/girl scout programs, trail rides, summer camp, and horse shows. Most lessons are recommended for ages 9 and up, but there are a number of options for younger kids. There are winter clinics on horse grooming for kids under 9. In April, June, September and October there are also “Just the Two of Us” programs where kids under 9 and their parents can be introduced to horses and how to properly mount a horse and safety around horses. The stables also offers hour long tours (also appropriate for preschoolers) for groups of 10-15 people. Or just go and rent a lead-line horse and let the kids take a ride! This is also an outstanding venue for a birthday party.

Bang for your Buck: Thumbs up. Horse lovers can admire the horses for free! Winter clinics are $10. The Just the Two of Us programs are $26 per family (one child and one adult). Hour long group tours are $40. Line-lead horses are $17-$19 for 30 minutes. For more information download their program here
Best transit route: about 30 minutes from Hoboken by car
Stroller friendly: no
Rainy day recommended: no
Potty situation: on location
Snack friendly: Yes, you can snack outside the stables
Hyper-child friendly: yes
Child-friendly staff: yes
Estimate of time killed: 1 to 1.5 hours
Nap factor: good