Kiddy Kalendar – Weekend of 4/4-4/5

There is so much going on this weekend! Here are our top picks for the weekend….


On Saturday the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is having two Easter Egg Workshops, one at 10am and one at 1pm. The workshops are two hours long and you must bring two hard boiled eggs per child. Call (212) 932-7347 for more information.

The Central Park Easter Egg Hunt takes place at 11am at the Big Hill at 106th Street. The event is free and there will be easter eggs, free snacks, and of course the Easter Bunny.

Puppetworks is putting on a performance of Sleeping Beauty in Brooklyn. Performances are at 12:30 and 2pm and are just $7 per child and $8 per adult.

The Rubin Museum
has their Family Workshop today at 2pm. Today’s theme is “Lotus” and includes stories and crafts. $10 per child.


Kids can take an Irish Dance lesson and put on a Riverdance type performance afterwards! At 12noon at the Bowery Poetry Club. $10 per child.

Hot Peas n’ Butter
will be performing at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at 2pm. Tickets are just $6 per person.


Kiddy Kalendar March 23 – March 27


Have a kid who likes to stay up late? Today, after midnight, the Ringling Brothers & Bailey Circus Elephants march through the Midtown Tunnel to Madison Square Garden. Take Path to 34th Street and you are in the perfect place to see the elephants get to their final destination.


The Tribeca Barnes and Noble has their weekly storytime on Tuesday at 4pm. They are located at 97 Warren Street, just a few blocks off of WFC Path (lots of elevators, but 100% easy to get there via stroller. You can even walk all but 1 block there underground and avoid crossing streets with the kids!) This Barnes and Noble has a train table, so you may be there a while…


The weather is supposed to be nice today! Hop on the downtown ferry and play in the playgrounds at Battery Park. Right across from the ferry is Rockefeller Playground with the bike-go-round and crazy climbing jungle gyms. If you have multiple small kids, head just south of the cove. Set back from the walkway is another smaller sandbox playground where you can sit on a bench and easily keep an eye on everyone.


Since the weather is getting nicer, why not try some mini golf outside? Head over to Edgewater Golf at 575 River Road for an 18 hole round. They are open from 7am to 11pm and a round is just $5 per child and $7 per adult.


If you have not yet been to the Rubin Museum, Friday they have their Garuda Open Studio with fun activities for kids all day.

Real Mom Review: NY Transit Museum

The NY Transit Museum is located in an old subway station in Brooklyn Heights. The museum consists of two floors, one which is the subway platform filled with old subway cars and even a money train. Kids can run and jump around safely. In fact, this is a great place to sit, read and book, and tell you kids to go play on the other end of the train and swing on that subway pole as long as they want. The other floor of the museum has lots of hands on turnstiles to run through, empty buses where the kids can pretend to drive the bus, farecards to swipe through machines, and other subway paraphernalia. There is a lunchroom located in the back of the museum and behind the lunch room is an activities room where workshops are held. There are weekend arts and crafts sessions which feature high-quality activities, such as creating a mosaic out of glass tiles and making your own snow globe. Children’s programs are listed at the very bottom of this page

Bang for your Buck:
thumbs up, $5 per adult, $3 per child, free high quality workshops by staff
Best transit route: A/C train to Jay Street Borough Hall or R train to Court Street. The museum is just 4 blocks away at corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street
Stroller friendly: thumbs down (stairs getting there and in the museum)
Rainy day recommended: thumbs up
Potty situation: excellent – big roomy bathrooms
Snack friendly: cafeteria in back – bring your own snacks! Junior’s is nearby if you are dying for cheesecake.
Hyper-child friendly: thumbs up – climb and run all you want
Child-friendly staff: thumbs up
Estimate of time killed:
a good 2-3 hours
Nap factor: chances of nap after this outing is excellent