Real Mom Review – The Museum of Arts and Design

museum-of-art-designThe Museum of Arts and Design just opened up last year at its new location at Columbus Circle. The museum exhibits craft and design related artwork. We took the kids (ages 3 to 5) to see the Second Lives exhibit which featured artwork made from everyday objects (plastic spoon sculptures, a chair made out of shoes, sculptures made with puzzle pieces) and they really related to the work. On the 6th floor they also have an Open Studio where you can see artists at work and if you are lucky you may even be able to contribute to the artwork. As for workshops, the museum offers Studio Sundays every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm. The hands-on crafty workshop is just $10 per person and is recommended for kids 6 and up. Reservations are not required, but space is limited. Call 212-299-7720 for more information.

Bang for your Buck: Medium. Adult admission is $15 and kids under 12 are free. Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm are pay as you wish. Studio Sundays are $10 per person. Note that the museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Best transit route: 126 bus to Port Authority and then the A or C train to Columbus Circle OR Path to 34th street and then the B or D train to Columbus Circle.
Stroller friendly: If you take the Path route in, not too bad with the only stairs at Columbus Circle
Rainy day recommended: thumbs up
Potty situation: They are located on the 6th floor. The shiny retro hand dryers were one of the kids’ favorite parts of the museum.
Snack friendly: No, but Whole Foods is just across the street and they have a sit down snack area and plenty of snacks for sale.
Hyper-child friendly: no! and touching the everyday objects is so very tempting!
Child-friendly staff: yes
Estimate of time killed: 45 minutes
Nap factor: low


Real Mom Review: the Skyscraper Museum

skyscrapermuseumThe Skyscraper Museum is a small museum that most children will enjoy visiting and learning about skyscrapers. There are various models of buildings in NYC and around the world. On Saturdays before the museum opens to the public, it offers hands on workshops for kids with storytime, discussion, and crafts. On a recent visit, the kids learned about the Empire State Building and then built a model of the building using toothpicks and gumdrops. You must reserve in advance for the workshops by calling 212-945-6324.

Bang for your Buck: thumbs up! $5 suggested per child for workshops, otherwise admission is $5 per adult, $2.50 per child
Best transit route: The museum is at 58 Warren Street. Weekends driving in and finding a spot (plenty of parking) is the easiest since the ferry does not run and path is not direct to WFC. Weekdays ferry is easiest, path is a good option.
Stroller friendly: yes
Rainy day recommended: thumbs up
Potty situation: plenty and easily accessible
Snack friendly: you can snack just outside the building in the park
Hyper-child friendly: no
Child-friendly staff: outstanding professional staff
Estimate of time killed: about 1 hour
Nap factor: limited physical activity, risk for meltdown

Kiddy Kalendar March 23 – March 27


Have a kid who likes to stay up late? Today, after midnight, the Ringling Brothers & Bailey Circus Elephants march through the Midtown Tunnel to Madison Square Garden. Take Path to 34th Street and you are in the perfect place to see the elephants get to their final destination.


The Tribeca Barnes and Noble has their weekly storytime on Tuesday at 4pm. They are located at 97 Warren Street, just a few blocks off of WFC Path (lots of elevators, but 100% easy to get there via stroller. You can even walk all but 1 block there underground and avoid crossing streets with the kids!) This Barnes and Noble has a train table, so you may be there a while…


The weather is supposed to be nice today! Hop on the downtown ferry and play in the playgrounds at Battery Park. Right across from the ferry is Rockefeller Playground with the bike-go-round and crazy climbing jungle gyms. If you have multiple small kids, head just south of the cove. Set back from the walkway is another smaller sandbox playground where you can sit on a bench and easily keep an eye on everyone.


Since the weather is getting nicer, why not try some mini golf outside? Head over to Edgewater Golf at 575 River Road for an 18 hole round. They are open from 7am to 11pm and a round is just $5 per child and $7 per adult.


If you have not yet been to the Rubin Museum, Friday they have their Garuda Open Studio with fun activities for kids all day.

Kiddy Kalendar Weekly Edition – 3/9 to 3/13

The following are our top picks for kids for the week for under $10 a child.


Have you already taken the kids to play mini golf in Hoboken? Hoboken Golf has an indoor mini golf course with 9 holes for only $4 per person.


At 3:30pm the Travelling Lantern Theater Company will perform Robin Hood at the Jefferson Branch Library (right across from the 9th street path station).


Have you fully explored the Hoboken Train Terminal? For little ones fascinated with transportation, this the place to watch the buses, ferries, commuter trains, and path train come and go. There are also two children’s model trains sets that operate at the push of a button. One is located on the southeast wall of the waiting room (don’t forget to look up at the Tiffany stained glass ceiling) and the other one is located on the northwest side of the train shed where the trains are lined up, just next to the entry ramp to the buses. Check out the website before you go and you can wow your child by naming all the locomotives and passenger cars.


On Thursdays, the Children’s Museum of the Arts is pay as you wish after 4pm. The museum encourages kids to make their own art and has a play area and plenty of crafts and activities. Today’s theme is the Wizard of Oz where kids will make their own brick stencils and then create a path for the characters of the movie.


After a busy week, get the kids to relax with some kiddy yoga Karma Kids. From 3-3:30 they have their free yoga class for kids 6 and under with puppets and stories.

Kiddy Kalendar – Weekend Edition – March 7-8


Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade – 1pm
Hoboken’s annual event down Washington street starts at 1pm and features everyone from the mayor and firetrucks to the Hoboken Dance Academy!

Circus on a String at the Hoboken Public Library. 2pm. Free
This is part of the First Saturdays series offered by the public library. Circus on a String is a marionette theater performance with trapeze artists, stilt walkers, and clowns. Kids will be able to participate in the event too!

Lemony Snickett: the Composer is Dead at Carnegie Hall
The concert starts at 2pm with pre-concert events starting at 1pm. The event features music and a murder mystery involving the entire orchestra. Tickets are $9 and recommended for ages 5-18.

Family Day at the Asia Society
From noon to 3pm the Asia Society hosts a special event Spring into Norouz, the biggest festival of the Persian New Year, with drumming classes, animated features, egg decorating, Kurdish dancing, and more. Adult admission to the museum is $10 and kids are free.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
has free admission today and are holding their annual Making Brooklyn Bloom Festival. See here for more info.

The Morris Museum’s Super Science Saturdays
From noon to 2pm the Morris Museum offers a special science workshop for kids ages four and up. This week they will decorate a terracotta pot and plant a bean for Spring. The museum also has a fascinating hands on permanent exhibit of mechanical musical instruments. Admission is $10 per adult, $7 per child, and an additional $3 for the Science workshop.


Don’t for get daylight savings! Turn your clocks ahead!

WeBop! Free trial jazz music classes at Lincoln Center. Times/classes depend on age. Contact 212-258-9835 or to reserve.

Central Park Zoo has a weekend on amphibians and their threat of extinction. There will be presentations, films, crafts and coloring, wildlife chats, etc. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 per child.

Second Sundays at the Guggenheim
The museum offers family friendly tours for 5 to 10 year olds with drawing, readings from related children’s literature, and/or scavenger hunts. 10:30 to noon. $15 per family.

Real Mom Review – Newport Skates

Newport Skates is an outdoor ice skating rink on the waterfront with a view of Manhattan. It has been open for only two years so the facilities and skate rentals are new. The rink is small and is open weekdays from 4pm-9pm, Saturdays from 10am-10pm, and Sundays and holidays from 9am-7pm. Weekdays after school the rink is fairly empty or most of the skaters are young children. The other nice thing about this rink is that it is on a pavilion with lots of benches and you can even see inside from the rink, so if a child wants to sit out for a while, you can still watch them from the rink. There is also a warming tent and a supermarket next door where you can get snacks. We recommend skipping the supermarket and going to Babo Tea House, about 2 blocks south on the waterfront, across from the Marina, for some gelato, bubble tea, or waffles with nutella, and some Japanese toys from the vending machines.

Bang for your Buck: $5 admission during the week, $6 for weekends, and $5 for skate rentals, so not too bad if you own skates
Best transit route: Path to Pavonia Newport and the rink is just 2 blocks north on the waterfront
Stroller friendly: yes, but if your child is in a stroller, they probably are too young to skate
Rainy day recommended: Thumbs down, outdoor rink
Potty situation: nice, clean, roomy bathroom
Snack friendly: yes, you can bring your own, go to the supermarket next door, or we recommend going to Babo Tea House
Hyper-child friendly: Thumbs up!
Child-friendly staff: if you go in the afternoons, the rink is fairly empty and the staff is pleasantly invisible
Estimate of time killed: a good 1.5 hours
Nap factor: Excellent chance of nap